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I'm Maryam, the Sorceress. Sydney based tarot and Turkish coffee reader, crystal enthusiast, clairvoyant and all-round good witch. I also perform chakra and natal birth chart readings, and am a certified reiki practitioner. Whether you are seeking answers, searching for destiny or looking to "try out this tarot thing" there's a message for you here. I offer a range of services, including private and group readings. Connect with me to schedule an appointment and let's work together!


Where you are in life is no accident. Your surroundings, friends and family, past experiences and present day struggles are all part of your path to self discovery. Everything and everyone has been placed on your path with great care and attention from the universe. There are two few pivotal moments in my journey that have brought me here.

Maryam and the Coffee Cup

I spent the early years of my childhood in Iran where Turkish coffee is a favoured past time amongst the ladies. Some of my earliest memories are of my mum and many aunties sitting in a great big circle on the floor at gatherings or 'mehmoonis' as we'd like to call them, each taking turns reading each other's fortune. At first, giggles are heard across the room and then the laughter quickly rises as the gossip starts. I'd sit down next to mum and look deep into her coffee cup, trying to make out the peacock that's sitting patiently with his tail closed or the many fish that are meant to bring good luck. "Mum, do you see that dog in the cup, what does that mean?" I ask curiously. She looks at me with love in her eyes and says "that's a dear friend, guiding you to your destiny."

Mr Christian's Tarot Deck

The year was 2005 in the steaming hot desert of Saudi Arabia and my senior class is throwing the annual Family Fun Fair at school to raise money for our prom. There will be camels to ride, a dunk tank to try your shot at the principal, and wouldn't it be great to have a fortune teller?! "Maryam's into this stuff, she would be great for this!" says one of my friends but I had my reservations. "How can I make the coffee on the playground? Coffee readings take too long, I'll never get through everyone." That's when our English teacher Mr Christian handed me a deck of cards. "But I don't know how to read cards" I pleaded, scared that I'm way out of my depth. "You'll pick it up, don't worry" he said with a reassuring smile. And he was right, I bonded with the beauty and messages of the cards. By the end of the fair I came to return Mr Christian's tarot deck but he wouldn't accept. "Tarot cards should always be gifted and I want you to have these."

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